about artbliss

artbliss features art museums from all over the world. From the Guggenheim in New York, to the Louvre in Paris, to the National Museum in Tokyo, etc. This is a website that showcases the almost endless list of cultural and architectural icons that enshrine some of the most precious examples of human creativity. In the cultural hierarchy today, art museums, curiously enough, fall somewhere between cathedrals and big-box stores. Although a comparison is not intended, cathedrals and art museums have been the subject of some of the greatest examples of architectural vision. But, unlike shopping at Target or Best Buy, viewing art in a museum  setting is a singular experience that can not be duplicated in an other venue.

The concept behind artbliss is very simple: using online resources to enhance the museum-going experience, available to visitors on desktop or android. As a blog, the focus is on the museums, the artists, and the exhibitions. The content features the latest news in the world of arts, feature articles, and artist’s profiles. MUSEUMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD (which is now under construction)  selects ten museums every month, offers a brief description and links to the museum websites, the musuem’s Google Map, and the museum’s Wikipedia page. The information provided could make a big difference when planning the next trip to a major (or minor) exhibition. Museum pages will also include a short reviews and upcoming exhibits. Having this all on one website is certainly a convenient way to view art in a museum setting.

artbliss is a work-in progress.  Soon more resources will be added, such as a travel planner,  a restaurant guide, and an art dictionary. artbliss is not an online art museum, and does not pertain to be a substitute for viewing art in institutions that specialize in showing art. It should be looked upon as a useful supplement to the art-viewing process.

artbliss is looking for suggestions and feedback. How can artbliss be improved?

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